Relaunch, Reinvent, Reinvigorate

Welcome, gentlefolk, to the new online home of Jennifer Koerber – Librarian, Trainer, Consultant, Presenter. I believe that information and learning wake up the mind far more than the finest beans, and I hope to share that vision with you.

When I started blogging in 2007, I felt like an Eclectic Librarian: picking and choosing from all the fascinating possibilities that the library world had to offer. It was a boom time for big-picture library thinking, and I couldn’t decide which path felt more right beneath my feet. Social media, training, library design, public librarianship….I contemplated it all and shared my reactions to current trends and technologies via Notes from an Eclectic Library.

Over the next four years, I refined both my tastes and my output. I’ve transitioned from reference librarian in an urban branch to a web services librarian for one of the larger public libraries in the country. At conferences and for regional library systems, I’ve given dozens of presentations and workshops on social media, online outreach, user personas and online training for staff and the public. On the technical side, I’ve developed my skills for website construction and management, giving me the toolbox to support the training I provide.

Most importantly, I’ve realized my place in the world: an itinerant librarian, coasting from coffee shop to coworking facility to nonprofit agency, helping to bring “the library” out of the buildings and into everyday life. Training here, reference there, infoliteracy wherever I can. Demystifying what we do and empowering folks to fish for themselves – this has been a mainstay of my library work, and now I want to bring it out of our buildings and out into the world. Give me a little more time and I’ll get that scooter or Smart Car, logo blazing and wifi trailing in my wake.

So, welcome to the relaunching of my online self at Mugs are on the shelf and the pot’s about to boil.

3 thoughts on “Relaunch, Reinvent, Reinvigorate

  1. Michael Sauers

    Welcome back to the biblioblogosphere. We need more people here 😉

    P.S. Chrome (others?) is laying out the comments box quite oddly. Screenshot available on request if you can’t reproduce.

    1. Jennifer Post author

      Thanks! I’m going to try and keep it up more than previously.

      As for the odd layout, I just downloaded Chrome and what I see is that if the screen width is too narrow, the comment box overlaps the name/email entry fields. Is that what you’re seeing, or something else?

      Note: This was a temporary theme choice, so I’ll make sure that whatever theme I use moving forward works for all browsers.

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