MLA2011: Day 3 – Future of Libraries

Sadly, I came back from lunch late, so I missed a chunk of this session.

Future of Libraries, or What the Heck Are You Thinking?!?!: A series of questions addressed to a panel that included Keith Fiels of ALA, Maureen Sullivan (ALA Presidential Candidate whom I know from years of local consulting), Scot Colford of the BPL, Sarah Saggogian of MLS, and the ever-excellent Jessamyn West. The topics and statements are flying so fast and furious I literally can’t keep up, but the short form is that there’s some great thinking going on and we as local professionals need to step up and help implement this fabulous thinking when we hear it.

Thought: As the amount of data and information in our lives increases epically, having librarians who understand and can show you how to organize and systematize the stuff in your lives is amazingly helpful. Just something as simple as “here’s a way you can organize the files on your computer and the photos you’ve got running around.”