Internet Librarian 2012, Day 0

One of the things I’ve been wrestling with at IL & CiL lately is that I’m too advanced for a lot of the beginning sessions (heck, I’ve been presenting on them for years) and not specialized or advanced enough for many of the rest. I was sitting in the gap, and for a little while I tried to help create programming to fill that gap, but that didn’t work out so well.

For IL this year, I decided to try the other route: pushing myself further along to meet those higher-level sessions where they are. I’m currently sitting in a Web Developer’s Boot Camp, learning about PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, and more. Jason Clark & Amanda Hollister are doing their darnedest to push several weeks’ worth of programming fundamentals into our brains at 9am on a Sunday. Hoo boy…

[fast forward 3 hours]

And wow, my brain hurts. Vital to my understanding this workshop was the O’Reilly book Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, & CSS by Robin Nixon (2nd ed.). It taught me in about 6 hours enough to go from “This workshop is in Klingon” to “OH! That’s what that stuff looks like in the real world!” Attending the workshop was perfect right after plowing through about 100 pages of Nixon’s book.

It’s time for lunch, but I wanted to get blogging this conference off to a strong start. More to come…

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