Thank you so much for a great webinar. You gave the attendees so many ways to serve immigrants starting with signage that is changed to images and colors which helps everyone. Simple ways to adapt existing programs, bigger steps for more impact. Places to go to support immigrants which lets them know you care. Not to mention the best practices and case studies from around the nation in small to large libraries. As I said please send me other topics that you present. I would very much like you to present additional webinars for us.

Melissa Lattanzi, Education and Events Coordinator, Northeast Ohio Regional Library System, 2019

We were asked to develop a Technology Plan to correspond with our Strategic Plan at the request of our Mayor. In researching for a consultant to assist in writing a plan, Jennifer Koerber was recommended to us. The Technology Plan had to include proposals for “big ticket” projects which would be presented to possible funding sources.

Jennifer was quick to grasp my need to have a functional and sustainable Tech Plan while providing proposals to present to the Mayor. The end product was met with approval from the Board of Trustees and the Mayor and with the Library Management team. Thank you Jennifer for your diligent work to provide us with something everyone was happy with!

Olivia Melo, Library Director, New Bedford (MA) Free Public Library, 2018

Jennifer Koerber provided two excellent Tech Talks at our library: Be Smart not Scared Online and Shopping Online – Search and Safety. Both talks were well received by our patrons. The greatest strength of her presentation style is that she is able to break down complex information into manageable chunks and then present it in a way that is both friendly and relatable. The patrons in the program seemed more at ease, even the ones that I know from other interactions are anxious about their technology skills.

As a reference librarian, I think there is no higher praise than that given by the intended audience of our informational efforts. After each of her sessions, patrons approached me to complement Jennifer as a speaker and to thank the library for running such great programming

Danny Lykansion, Head of Reference, Chelmsford (MA) Public Library, 2017