Training for the Public

Training For the Public

I don’t just train people.
I help them find the confidence to learn.

I am available to lead workshops and presentations for the public on diverse topics, including emerging technologies, online life and safety, and mobile devices. Most workshops are 1 to 1.5 hours and are more or less interactive depending on the subject. Workshops can be stand-alone or part of a larger series, and I’m happy to create custom combinations for a specific theme. Please see the What I Do page for more on fees and costs.

Possible workshop topics include, but are not limited to:

Online Life Basics & Safety

  • Email Basics
  • Upload, Download, Attach, Save
  • Using WYSIWYG Editors Wherever You Find Them
  • Search Basics; Advanced Search
  • Staying Safer Online
  • Buying Things Online
  • Know Your Settings
  • Finding Help Online

Mobile Devices

  • Your New Gadget – an open-ended session where folks bring in their gadget and ask questions about it
  • Mobile Device Basics – short presentation then Q&A
  • Apps 101

Mobile Photography

  • Taking Better Pictures with your Mobile Camera
  • Editing and Post-Production (using native apps & 3rd-party apps)
  • Saving and Sharing Pictures from your Mobile Device
  • Read more about mobile photography classes

Cloud Storage

  • DropBox
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Apple iCloud
  • Flickr and other online storage/sharing for photos

Website Basics Series

  • Planning for Your Website
  • WordPress 101
  • Create a Consistent Look & Feel (not website design, just the basics)
  • Writing Well for the Web

Social Media

  • Social Media Overview – what is it and how does it differ from email or websites?
  • Facebook – single session or a series; Basics, Intermediate, Pages, Settings
  • Twitter
  • G+
  • Tumblr

Google Products / Online Office Suites

  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Drive / documents
  • Google Sheets / spreadsheets
  • Google Slides / presentations
  • Google Hangouts / chat

Small Biz & Nonprofits Series = Website Basics + Social Media Basics for Small Business & Nonprofits, plus Online Office Suites if desired