Hi, I’m Jennifer!

Jennifer Koerber headshot - blue hairCurrent Events, June 2024: I am currently splitting my time between my consultant/training work and my creative work. If you have questions or are interested in what I do, please contact me via email (below).

A snapshot about me: I have spent 26 years working in and for libraries, in both public-facing and behind-the-scenes roles. After 17 years at the Boston Public Library, I established my own business providing technology training and consulting services to libraries. In 2017, I pivoted my career slightly to work with academic libraries as training coordinator during their migrations to Alma, a library services platform from Ex Libris. For the past seven years, I have continued to provide these services to five well-known academic libraries.

Of all my time in libraries, I am most proud of writing my book, Library Services to Immigrants and New Americans: Celebration and Integration. It was released in 2018 by Libraries Unlimited, and has become a primer for library staff working with these communities.

A Bit More, and in the third person: Jennifer is a self-hacked tech-savvy librarian, and guided people interacting with technology for more than 20 years as a children’s librarian, reference librarian, library branch manager, web services librarian, public training curriculum coordinator, consultant/trainer, and staff training program manager. She earned her MSLIS from Simmons College in 1998 and worked for the Boston Public Library for 17 years before setting out on her own. She has written articles on library innovation and professional development for Library Journal, The Digital Shift, and Publishers Weekly, and has delivered dozens of trainings on technology and online life to staff and the public.

Book cover for Library Services to Immigrants and New Americans by Jennifer KoerberIn May 2015, her book Emerging Technologies: a Primer for Librarians, co-authored with Michael P. Sauers, was published by Rowman & Littlefield.

In May 2018, her book Library Services to Immigrants and New Americans: Celebration and Integration was published by Libraries Unlimited/ABC-CLIO. The book was inspired by her article of the same title for Library Journal in 2016.

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jennifer.koerber at gmail dot com
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7 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Jennifer!

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  2. Cyndi Shirshac

    I was at the CLA Conference yesterday and didn’t write down the address for the information you had. Could you please give me the address so I can access the information?

    1. Jennifer Koerber Post author

      I sent you email with the URL, Cyndi – thanks for asking!

  3. carole hall

    I want to attend training to learn how to transfer photos from camera to computer or thumbnail. Can i come for your class wed?

    1. Jennifer Koerber Post author

      Hi, Carole – I sent you email with specifics, but yes, this is something we can cover in the Drop-In Tech Session at Ipswich Library. Thanks for asking!

  4. Julie Schaeffer

    HI Jennifer,

    I met you in a training the Ipswich Library along with my friend Deborah Dragonfly! Perhaps you remember us? The class was one part of many on building a website and starting a business. We were both disappointed that it didn’t continue. That damn COVID-19!

    My son is doing great with his surfboard shower business, The Newburyport Life group created a spotlight on him. He has recently sold showers that that will be going to York, Maine and Martha’s Vineyard

    Will the library consider doing a remote class? Would you be interested in doing a private class?

    1. Jennifer Koerber Post author

      First, congrats to your son! I’m glad his business is thriving even in the current situation. That’s awesome!

      Second, yes, I’m sorry we had to cancel the rest of the series as well. The library hasn’t reached out to me yet regarding remote classes, and I’ll admit I’ve been focusing on other things for the past five months. Let me think about it some more and get back to you?

      Can you email me at jennifer.koerber at gmail.com, so I have your email address?

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